The Lake Haven Riots of 2016 By Samantha Schindler


Vegan bacon

Vegan bacon Vegan bacon Vegan bacon VEGAN. BACON. Why it took me so long to try this recipe I have no idea.  I’ve tried it now, it works, and it’s delicious. Can’t say that it tas…

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Tom DeLonge says his life is in danger over knowledge of aliens

Consequence of Sound

Tom DeLonge will no longer be singing about heartache and penis jokes with Blink-182, but at least he’ll always have his other job to fall back on. That would be his position as longtime alien enthusiast and conspiracy theorist.

The guitarist’s belief in the extraterrestrial has been well-documentedover the years (hello, Enema of the State’s “Aliens Exist”), however, a new interview seems to offer up evidence that DeLonge is in fact completely out of touch with reality.

In the lengthy Q&A, the punk rocker touches on some zany topics, including his so-called encounter with an actual alien at Area 51, how “knowing too much” has put him in danger, and how the government has been tapping his phone calls. Check out some choice excerpts below and/or head here for the full interview.

On the beginning of his UFO-loving days and how he has “government sources”: 

What’s funny, two…

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Kim Gordon calls Billy Corgan a “crybaby,” questions Courtney Love’s mental health in new memoir

cant wait to read this!

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Later this month, Kim Gordon will release Girl in a Band, a new memoir chronicling the singer’s life and storied music career, including her role in Sonic Youth and highly publicized breakup with frontman Thurston Moore. In anticipation of the book’s February 24th street date, a number of illuminating quotesand excerpts have been released to the public, many of which reveal some fascinating, and even controversial, tidbits about Gordon and her many rock star compatriots.

The newly unveiled quotes see Gordon recalling the first time she met Moore, as well as the “incident” which led to the dissolution of their marriage. She also noted how, upon first meeting Courtney Love in 1990 (Gordon co-produced Hole‘s Pretty On The Inside), she believed Love was mentally ill. Gordon also had some harsh words for Love’s “secret” boyfriend at the time, Billy Corgan, calling the Smashing Pumpkins frontman a “crybaby.” Additionally, she…

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The ACTUAL best albums of 2014 list

While you were busy checking out all the lists of best albums of 2014 by the likes of pitchforkrolling stone and all the other ‘hip’ media sources, i was busy hating on their choices and making my own list.

No Coldplay, No Taylor Swift, Mac DeMarco, Black Keys or any of that other hipster mumbo-jumbo!

Just 50 of the best from 2014.

Trust me, I have taste.

ok, so track IV ? ..its the dramatic ‘FOLKESTONE BLUES’

The story of my 2013 visit to the UK, put into song form …

Bitchin, I know… Its like 90210, Melrose place and Carrie all rolled into one…

You’re welcome…