The Lake Haven Riots of 2016 By Samantha Schindler

Happy Festivus, Dawgs


From me and my dogs, to you and your ‘dawgs’, Merry christmas everybody!



The ACTUAL best albums of 2014 list

While you were busy checking out all the lists of best albums of 2014 by the likes of pitchforkrolling stone and all the other ‘hip’ media sources, i was busy hating on their choices and making my own list.

No Coldplay, No Taylor Swift, Mac DeMarco, Black Keys or any of that other hipster mumbo-jumbo!

Just 50 of the best from 2014.

Trust me, I have taste.

ok, so track IV ? ..its the dramatic ‘FOLKESTONE BLUES’

The story of my 2013 visit to the UK, put into song form …

Bitchin, I know… Its like 90210, Melrose place and Carrie all rolled into one…

You’re welcome…